Radical Bikes, based in Chelmsford in Essex, have been a Bike Club for a few years now. They have some amazing jumps and tracks to use and are reporting 877 riders to date. You can see more about what they are doing on http://www.radicalbikes.co.uk/


Cycle Trail round Stowe Landscape Gardens offers superb views of the many temples inside the garden boundaries

It’s bank holiday Monday, the wind has dropped at last, bringing the rain, so what better to do than cycle round Stowe Gardens National Trust property in North Bucks :-)? I was clearly not the only one to think this – I passed Ian Warby, about to leave, having just finished ensuring that the signage of the trail was complete, then a couple on Bromptons (find their photos on Flickr on Brompton Bike Fans) and another family group on fold-up Dahons all rode out ahead of me, along the winding lanes and tracks, across a slightly

Lord Cobham rises from the mists on his monument

bumpy sheep field track, and back up the approach road to Stowe Gardens. The trail boasts superb views of Stowe Gardens’ many follies – temples and statues in among the trees inside the gardem boundaries, which were particularly captivating rising from the mists and drizzle of the day.

Riding along the leafy Cycle Trail round Stowe Gardens

You can ride the trail anytime during daylight hours, as it runs round the edge of the gardens, making it more enjoyable, as there is virtually no traffic of any kind along the way, not even many walkers, perhaps a few sheep to dodge.

Ride the Stowe Garden Cycle Trail on Bromptons if you like .....

http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/w-visits/w-visits-cycling_days.htm#download will hopefully soon include a copy of the cycle trail map, which is fully detailed Ordnance Survey, but you dont’ really need this to get around the trail clockwise, as it is well marked with clear white signs that you can see off in the distance.

The cyclists turning out on this wet May bank holiday show the suitability of the trail for everyone with any bike (with a modicum of grip on the tires) – fold ups, tagalongs, mountain bikes, hybrids and so on. 

Stowe Gardens Cycle Trail makes a more active outing to a National Trust property and is completely free, if you don’t want to visit the landscape gardens and superb tea rooms afterwards!

Riders crowd round with their range of bikes to have postcodes on their frames from the Police, pick up leaflets and free puncture repair kits and to chat to staff at Stowe Gardens

I am impressed to see how Bucks MTB enable existing and potential new members to sign up that they are coming along for a ride, as well as all the details they have on what has gone on already, photos, accounts and so on. Easy to find my way around. Is this an example of good practice for Bike Club websites, allowing first time riders to become temporary members of the club too? http://www.bucksmtb.co.uk/group_rides.htm

Doing the rounds of existing clubs, and finding some new clubs to support.

Having just been awarded £2,100 to run a Bike Club and with the long and light afternoons/evenings this is a great time to get involved in the John Colet Bike Club which takes place Fridays after school and on alternate Fridays during the last lesson of school as well!  The club will encourage students (and staff) to use their bikes more in travelling around and in getting to school but also for recreation to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Any student who owns a bike and a cycle helmet is welcome to join the club and those that don’t own a bike, the good news is that some of the Bike Club funding has been used to buy four spare bikes so anyone can come along, but in this instance you must book your bike with Mr Date!  After the success of the recent Bike Expedition around our local beautiful countryside and lunch at the Wendover Woods Café, we will be organising another expedition towards the end of term.  Other activities include: bicycle maintenance and club development  (advertising, designing logos), planning routes and trips away.  The club meets every Friday at 3.15 in ‘The Street’ and we finish between 4.30 and 5pm.

Plans are afoot for a great programme during the summer for John Colet Bike Club, Bucks

On the 11th and 12th of June 2011, Green Park Outdoors Centre in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire is running a Wheels for All Leader Training Course to complement the purchase of a fleet of new cycles. They are offering this chance for local teachers and leaders to train to lead inclusive cycling sessions on an ongoing basis in their local projects. This follows a successful Open Day at the centre where they asked local potential clients of the centre’s resources and activities for their feedback on some of the bikes on their shopping list. The result was alot of smiles and thumbs up from all the visitors and the cycles have been ordered and are on their way in readiness for this course. For more information please contact Geraint Hughes Ghughes@buckscc.gov.uk

Downhill with the wind in their hair - Green Park Outdoors Cycling Open Day April 2011

On Friday I got up early for a Cycle Train journey round Chesham Bois, picking up excited youngsters for their journey to Elangeni School. The Train was run by Jane Hall with the help of Chris and Sheona as Bikeability Trainers, using their snaking skills to organise the train and make the journey enjoyable and confidence building for all the youngsters and the accompanying parents who are potential Cycle Train leaders.

We arrived at school and filled the bike shed, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the school hall. Later in the day some parents were due to come in for a puncture repair workshop too.

Thanks for having me along – I enjoyed whizzing past to take photos. See attached for the smiles along the miles 🙂